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Tarot Services

I have had a tarot deck in my hands since I was a teen and I have always loved the guidance and wisdom that they impart. Recently, I have taken additional training and certifications and am very excited to offer tarot services! I have a unique technique where I combine readings and healing. 


30 minutes = $65

60 minutes = $110


Tarot Reading

Are you looking for clarity to questions you cannot seem to find answers to? Tarot is about finding answers AND clarity to any questions you have about life, such as, relationships, money, and health. During our private conversations we will talk about your strengths and opportunities, blocks and what's holding you back from being the best version of you.

Tarot Healing

This is a combination of Tarot reading and energy healing. My approach is unique because I provide a short Tarot reading which guides our healing session that follows. This technique provides you with a complete healing by taking what we learned from our reading to help your body and energies align. It's the best of both worlds!

Tarot Parties

I can bring a fun twist to your event, whether your special event is a birthday party, bridal shower, girls' night or holiday event, I will provide accurate and captivating 15 minute Tarot readings for each of your guests. Whatever the occasion, my energy, light, and insight are sure to enlighten your special event. Please contact me for pricing.

Zoom Tarot Reading

I will provide these same Tarot services via Zoom. This session can be recorded and will allow you to heal remotely.

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